Are Targeted Million Dollar Attacks the Future of Ransomware?

  In a week that saw WannaCry rear its ugly head again, causing Honda to shut down production at a major plant near Tokyo and hacking group “CyberTeam” claim responsibility for what looked to be a DDoS attack on Skype, one story demanded our attention more than any other. South Korean web hosting company, Nayana was hit by ransomware on June 10th. Over the next two weeks, it emerged that 153 of the Linux servers hosted by Nayana were affected, locking up almost 3,500 client websites. Ouch! The hackers demanded a king’s ransom of 550 bitcoins ($1.62 million) but Nayana

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macs are vulnerable to ransomware

I Use an Apple Mac So I’m Safe From Ransomware, Right? WRONG!

“Hello. It looks like you’re writing a letter!” Said Terry, walking passed Phil’s pristine white space-desk; an obsessively compulsed arrangement of curved, white gadgets and bizarrely, to Terry anyway, no need for cable ties. Terry’s paper clip assistant joke went over Phil’s head. Terry only spoke Windows. Conversely, designer Phil’s world was full of pastel colors and funky shapes and Dr Dre Beats and italics and clouds and Audrey Tautou films and farmers’ markets and sunsets and fades and friends and haircuts and French bicycles with baskets on the front with artisanal baguettes in and ideas he thought too big

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get a ransomware lawyer

Can You Get Fired For Infecting Your Company With Ransomware?

  Remember your first IT job all those years ago? An afterthought with an office in the basement so your lone, geeky voice couldn’t cause a fuss… but look at you now! As tech has grown more important, the cooler geeks have become. Twenty years ago, if you liked Marvel superhero movies, Star Trek and comic books, the alpha males in your workplace, people like your arch-nemesis, Terry from Accounts would have pointed and laughed. Nowadays, Terry uses a USS Enterprise mouse, drinks his vanilla lattes from a James Bond covfefe mug, watches Guardians of the Galaxy, quotes The Big

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ransomware funds terrorism

My Vacation Videos Are Important But Paying for Ransomware Is Like Funding Terrorism

Hello and welcome! Yes, you’re quite right – it is kind of a long title but, since May 2017’s WannaCry (Wanna Decryptor, .wncry) ransomware attack infected 200,000 computers worldwide, including the UK’s National Health Service and the Russian Interior Ministry, there’s a lot to think about. To pay or not to pay, that is the question… The dilemma whether “to pay or not to pay ” ransomware hackers has become the security network industry geek’s most polarizing question since “backup or archive” or the ending of Lost! Picture the scene… It’s Friday, you sit at your PC, bleary-eyed the morning

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